Coach Club & Mentoring

The SFYS Coach Club Mentor Program is a seasonal program available to any coach that coaches within the SFYS leagues of play.

Coaches are invited to join - and embrace - the SFYS development philosophy for holistic player development.

The three key pillars for success, within the SFYS model, are:

  • Skill Development
  • Teamwork
  • Sportsmanship 

Each of these pillars will be consistent within discussions and will shape the development of each coach within the program.

Whilst the focus is about developing confidence and ability within coaches, the methodology will directly benefit your players by providing an engaging and exciting soccer experience in which they can thrive.

Coaches will progress through the initial theory and planning stages of the season, to feeding back on the coaching experience, and spending time reflecting on the whole process. 

Coaches are expected to have 100% attendance and are required to engage with the greater group (10 coaches, plus 1/2 mentors) and within smaller and 1:1 moments too.

  • Spring season - Cohort begins in January and ends in June.
  • Fall season - Cohort begins in July and ends in December.

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