Soccer Tryouts in San Francisco

Each year we’re asked for information and guidance regarding tryouts, especially as the soccer landscape evolves and the number of clubs and playing league options continue to change. 



Soccer in San Francisco

  • Q: When is the right time to consider a move to a competitive local or travel team?
    A: The short answer is there is no right time, as many families find that between the recreational play and competitive play, there is a broad spectrum of competition and years of development opportunities for their child. 
  • Q: Are Tryouts Required?

    A: No! There are city-wide club tryouts on a common weekend to minimize confusion for families that *do* feel that their players may want to switch playing levels, teams or clubs. 

  • Q: How do Tryouts work?

    A: The most important thing to remember before tryout weekend… Players, YOU have the power! Except at the highest levels, most clubs will NOT refuse interested players. Most clubs will field teams across multiple leagues and play levels (developmental competitive through top tier), so it is important to approach tryouts as an opportunity to compare teams, clubs and coaches, rather than as a stressful environment where your player might get cut!

  • Q: If I can't make tryouts can I still join a team?

    A: Yes! Leagues and Clubs, so by association *Teams* have to have a minimum number of players rostered by the Fall registration May deadline, but additional players can add in all leagues at almost any time throughout the summer and the beginning of the season.

  • Q: How do you mean "Players have the power"?

    A: There are no restrictions to the number of teams that a club can create, meaning teams can and will be created within clubs depending on the number of players trying out. Consequently, many tryouts will result in most players being accepted to join their prospective clubs - making it especially important for players and families to choose their tryouts and which team they ultimately register to based on playing opportunities, coaching style, and team environment. (If you go to multiple tryouts, you will likely get multiple offers and you must choose one only.)

  • Q: What are the differences between competitive SFYS Upper House League play and CCSL or NorCal League play?

    A: Depending on the level, not much or a lot! The advantage of one league over at the developmental levels are often on the admin side, with the exception of cost. The cost of non-SFYS leagues is often exponentially higher both for teams and players, even at nickel, copper (recreational) and bronze (competitive) levels. Administrative differences include, for example: NorCal is a private playing league which does not allow independent teams to participate in its leagues, so those teams must join a member club and play under that club's name and logo. Unlike SFYS, NorCal does not require coach licensing for anyone except the Director of Coaching, which can result in inconsistent staffing and player development curriculum, depending on the club. 

Our portal covers a comprehensive list of questions for parents to bring to tryouts. Be sure to review before making any final decisions!



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