Three registering leagues work together to provide local recreational and developmental competitive soccer league play in San Francisco. 

San Francisco Youth Soccer hosts fall and spring soccer and MYSL hosts summer. Each team must choose a home league for the soccer year. No matter who is your home league, your team can play every season!

Starting at 2nd Grade, any team can play in SF Youth Soccer leagues, whether it is independently coached, part of a school or club, or registered with an alternative league of registration (example: MYSL). As your home league of registration, SFYS takes care of insuring players and coaches, validating team rosters, building flights, creating schedules, setting up fields and arranging for referees. SFYS also processes any adds, drops or transfers during the year.  You will be with your home league of registration for the entire soccer year, regardless of which is hosting the playing season.

These leagues as well as dozens of clubs also provide supplemental player clinics, camps, tournament play, play dates and more!


Beginner and Intermediate play for players. Multi-level league perfect for single-season or multi-sport players. Top finishing teams in highest Bracket may be promoted to Competitive play.

SFYS Competitive Upper HouseCOMPETITIVE PLAY

SF Competitive Upper House is a local competitive league of San Francisco teams, ages 9 to 15. Unlike other private competitive leagues, the Upper House leagues do not require you to join a club.


The Varsity League is aimed at high school age players that want to still play organized league soccer without the commitment required to join a travel team.

Keep fit and connected with SFYS Varsity before your proper high school winter season starts!

Are you a player looking for a team? 

League Play with SF Youth Soccer is a little different than in most towns, in that: 

  • SFYS does not place players or coaches on teams. Primary responsibility for finding (or creating) a team rests with the coach/player and their family. In advance of Fall and Spring seasons, SFYS opens an online Intent to Play form each team completes in order to be eligible for registration and to be on the mailing list for seasonal deadlines and scoop on team formation.

  • The SFYS Leagues registration cost per player per season is between $100-$150. Financial Aid is available. (Note: SFYS Cost does not include uniforms, non-SFYS tournament play or coaching fees.)

There is a robust ecosystem of independent, volunteer-run teams as well as paid clubs and coaches - which results in a soccer environment full of options for every level of player and every budget, as well as for those who want to engage as team staff vs. just spectate.

We have an amazing soccer community here in SF, with teams of all types and levels.

  • DON'T stress! Many teams need and welcome additional and new players. It's an opportunity to find just the right fit for your player and meet folks who aren't in your immediate circle of friends and acquaintances.​ And we can help! Visit our Player Connection page for more information.

Are you an adult looking to form a team?

Teams are generally formed independently, through schools or neighborhoods, by soccer clubs, etc. Roughly 6 months in advance of each season, SFYS opens an online Intent to Play form each team completes in order to be eligible for registration and to be on the mailing list for seasonal deadlines and scoop on team formation.

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