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Youth Referee Summer Camps

In summer 2019, 27 youth participants took the inaugural SF Youth Referee Summer Camp and over 80% did not only their first game but also referee'd consistently for more than 5 of the 10 week season SFYS runs. These are unparalleled retention numbers that have not been seen in a youth referee pool, ever.
Building on the success of that camp, SF Youth Soccer is holding a multi-day Summer Youth Referee Camp Style Clinics throughout the year. All participants will receive a full uniform on the first day of camp that will be required of them to wear during the camp. By the end of the week, your child will be a United States Soccer Federation (USSF)-certified referee, as well as an AYSO-certified referee + be USYS, US Club and SAY Soccer-certified * [Subject to passing the USSF and AYSO referee test(s)].

Multi-certifications, 30 hours of lecture/field training/ game scenarios, 1 week of spring break... Endless opportunities to officiate the beautiful game and create some income for oneself. Where else can a kid sign up for a camp over summer and immediately start earning money just after it?! **

** Participants will have the option to filter directly into games on mentor fields at the 2nd - 3rd Grade level at Summer Jamboree at the August FOGGOLAZO! Community Soccer Day plus during season at local fields such as West Sunset, Grattan, Rossi and Palega.

Youth Referee Camp Style Clinic
​(USSF Referee Grassroots Certification)


Youth Referee Camp  | English

* Note: If you are a participant that is under the age of 13, per US Soccer Federation mandates you are not eligible to take the US Soccer Grassroots training. You will, however, be able to be badged for AYSO and SAY soccer leagues, granting you licensed referee status to officiate either SFYS Recreational or SFYS Upper House leagues, as well as AYSO or SAY local tournaments in the Greater Bay Area.

  • Online Registration Begins Here

Course type: Online modules required + Field training ​


Field Training Location: McCoppin Square

  • Bring Water
  • Bring Lunch (or money for lunch)
  • Dress to Ref (you'll be in the class and then on the pitch)

Can't make all the dates? Have questions or clarifications? Email SFYS Program Manager David Reardon: David@sfyouthsoccer.com


  • June 24th - 28th, 2024  San Francisco
    at McCoppin Square Park - SIGN UP HERE (SIGNUPS OPEN MARCH 1st)

Important Logistical Clarifications
re: USSF Grassroots Referee Training vs. Youth Ref Camp

  • Attending the camp is NOT a requirement to become a licensed youth referee. The ONLY requirement to become a USSF referee is the US Soccer Digital Learning Center online class and a single 3-hour field session. Any youth 13+ or adult may choose this option. A list of upcoming non-Ref Camp field sessions is available at the US Soccer Digital Learning Center website.

  • Youth Ref Camp involves additional training beyond the USSF Grassroots requirements. (This is the precise purpose of the camp format for youth!)  


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